Beautiful Spring Time!!!!!

Chicas 28 y 29 en fondo de tienda 1

Dear friends,  today is another perfect day! Although early in the morning it is still cold it seems the spring time is coming!

I do not have any other plan for today but feeding my babies and playing around with them, which is to be honest the most precious thing I could imaging for a day like this.

Although the plan for today it does not seem very glamourous to present you my new drawing, I  thought of how wonderful it could be, if I could go spend right now a few hours with dearest sister and go shopping together for a while, just like we normally did a few times a year when we were living in the same city.

With this nice thought of mine I present you my last two girls!, who seem to be right now in the middle of a shopping day!

I hope you like them.

Have a nice day too and enjoy whatever you have around cause it might not happen again.


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