Special aniversary!

Greatest wedding ever although there were just 30 guests apart from the closest Family members, … I know I know! quite unusual, but believe me, it was just great!.

Malte y yo de novios, sin fondo ni nada DIN A4


It is already 3 years ago, that I got married to the most charming man in the world, and that is a great reason to share with all of you some drawings of that day, and also get the chance to remain you that I also work with individuals on commission basis too.  My illustrations can be used as great and original gifts not only for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, … but also for wedding details, and not only for the bride, or groom, but for a special guest , family member, flower made, or whoever you name!

There are so many occasions that can be used to get some of my illustrations, just please do not forget to get in touch with me well in advance of that special day you want to represent with one of my drawings, to make sure I have time enough to fulfill your  request.

I can wait to hear from you!

Contact me for commission via mercedesjtb@hotmail.com



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